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Packwon and the Order of the Lost Souls

Packwon and the Order of the Lost Souls is an exciting new book filled with mystery, action, and adventure! This book, which takes place in the North Woodland area outside of Seattle, Washington, tells the story of Supreme Leader Packwon and his cult.
Packwon has manipulated his followers to gain property and riches and has managed to build a fortified compound where he is worshipped as royalty. But Packwon's plans quickly start to unravel when he learns the Federal Government is investigating him for financial crimes. Meanwhile, near Washington State's southern mountains, Dr. William Nelson has made a breakthrough in his genetic research project and is preparing to announce it to the military's top leadership.
However, disaster strikes when a massive storm rolls in and the area is hit with flooding and a loss of power. Follow Packwon and Dr. Nelson as they both face calamitous environments they never could have foreseen.
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